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Thrift Shopping and Fashion Trends

Thrift shopping lends its hand to fashion trends due the fashion cycles. The fashion style from the 90's is back in fashion some 20 years after. You can find similar styles as to the runway in your local thrift store. Keeping in mind, what styles have recently been shown on the runway. The local shops had a lot of the looks from the early 90's. Although classic closet staples are worth buying second hand. At times you can find luxury brand which are better quality The classic styles are worth it buying at the thrift store. Usually the fabric is thicker and the seems are tighter. When buying items you need to make sure that the fabric is thick. In the mall, we often see fabrics which are see thru, in turn they will break down or rip within a wearing it a few times. At times its worth it see whats available to buy. A classic pencil skirt in a wool tweed mix by a big name designer is worth every penny. Or a good quality leather bag is worth it also.

Recently I came across a Donney and Bourke  Equestrian all weather equestrian purse. This model of bag was introduced by the brand in the 1980's. It was been a brand I was unfamiliar with until I had saw a few posts from fellow thrifters on Instagram, which mentioned the brand. To my surprise its real leather and in good quality.

Dooney and Bourke Equestrian All Weather purse 

Unbeknownst to me its a luxury brand, although its a classic bag.  The quality of this bag is not what you'd find in the local mall. The seems are fluid and straight. The metal components on it are made of solid brass. It might not be a Louis Vuitton but its a quality piece which sells on ebay for about $200. Although I have came across some MiuMiu shoes for 5$ they sell for over 300$ or Louis Vuitton  Cherie pumps for 25$ when they sell well over 800$. I

Louis Vuitton Cherie Pumps

MiuMiu Peptoe shoes


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