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Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping makes people think of peoples used clothes which are being sold over priced. I watched a segment on television that mentioned that at times you can find high end clothes at a fraction of the cost. I decided, I would go and see. To my surprise I did find some high end quality clothes for less than retail.  Below is an example of the items you can find thrifting, keep in mind that this is not at all the norm. The skirt was a Christopher Kane authentic skirt from his Spring Summer collection 2011. I know, its no longer "On trend" although seeing that its haute couture I'd say forget about trends. As you can see below the seams of the skirt are very tight and will not fray or rip apart. As well, in quality clothes you will often find the seams lining up. You do not need to buy haute couture to buy good quality, I'll explain that in another post.  Just keep in mind that stores such as Winners offer discount brands of actual brands. They're trademarked f

Coq au Riesling (Riesling Chicken)

Having been Easter this past week, we had some leftover wine to pass. We also stocked up on some chicken thighs and I had to pass them. I opted to make a french classic of coq au vin but rather than making it with red wine I made it with Riesling. It's a wine that is sweeter and less dry than white wine. We had a wine from the Alsace region which was low in alcohol but high in flavor. We used the wine below which is a J.Baumer, although I'm sure any Riesling would work. Ingredients which are needed: 10 boneless skinless chicken thighs   227g of white mushrooms 1 leek cut into slices 2 French shallots cut into quarters 6 cloves of garlic 125g of Panchetta 2 cups of Riesling 1/3 cup of heavy cream (35% whipping cream) 1tbs of butter 1tbs of olive oil 3 bay leaves 1/3 of fresh thyme bunch (10 branches) Cut the chicken thighs into half and heat up the olive oil and butter to brown them over medium high heat. Cook them until they are just

Brussel Sprouts the most disliked vegetable.

Brussel Sprouts, are one the most disliked vegetable by many people. Often times they are not cooked well. People tend to over cook them and this makes them bitter and soggy. There is a way to make them taste good.  For this you must blanch them and roast them until they become caramelized. Here is my recipe 1 lbs of Brussel Sprouts 2 Cloves of Garlic 1 Tbs of Olive Oil Salt and Pepper First Step You need to remove the tips of the sprouts then cut them in half. Remove any bad leaves. Finely chop the garlic Fill frying pan with water halfway up the pan about 3 or 4 cups. Bring them to boil on high heat for about 10 minutes then strain them. Then you add olive oil to the pan along with the blanched sprouts. Once they start to caramelize you add the garlic. Just be careful not to brown your garlic, it'll become bitter if you do. Now enjoy the roasted brussel sprouts.